For Every Stage of Your Career

Business Leaders Need Professional Headshots

Silver Cedar Productions Executive Headshots are designed for business professionals who understand that managing your public image is a critical component of your personal brand.

Whether you're a seasoned executive or just starting your career and want to establish your image as being competent, confident and approachable, Silver Cedar Productions can help you cultivate a strong, positive image with the keystone of your personal brand, your Executive Headshot.

Corporate Clients

We Cater to Executive & Sales Team Schedules.

Business in today's fact-paced,  highly competitive marketplace realize the image their executive leadership, management and sales team members portray online is an essential and core component of their brand, projecting their business confidently as a leader in their industry.

The fact is... a well executed professional headshot compels viewers to stop and linger on your image; attracting the right people and just as importantly, the right opportunities.

Alternatively, when poorly done, your personal brand, social media profile, or advertising profile can suffer; leaving viewers with a less than favorable impression that can be personally and professionally limiting.

With many of our corporate clients, a new headshot has become part of the hiring process; including a professional headshot in your new-hire checklist ensures your new team member profile fits with your corporate image right from the start.