Keeping Tabs on Large Construction Projects is No Small Task

Every construction project has a million moving parts, and Drone Data using aerial imagery & video can help you monitor and manage many of your most complex tasks.

From tracking progress to managing subcontractors, communicating across teams can be challenging - no matter the size of your organization.

The good news is that by mapping your job site from the air with a drone, you'll gain an entire toolkit to help your team work more efficiently, make more informed decisions, and communicate with ease.

Here are just three of the ways you can improve communication on your job site with drone data

  1. Project Monitoring and Site Inspection
  2. Take Volume and Area Measurements, Estimate Stockpiles and Monitor Earthwork
  3. Share Insights, Align Team Members and Inform Stakeholders

Drone Mapping Mission including Volumetric Measurement and 3D Mapping